The Foot Bridge

Upper foot bridge. Still frame from home videos.

Here’s a couple of pics of the upper foot bridge that spanned the canyon prior to the completion of the real bridge. I apologize that they are so blurry. These are stills that I pulled from a video that I have of my parents and a couple of their friends walking across this bad boy. It was originally shot in 8mm, transferred to VHS and then to a DVD. It’s a real short video but I hope to get it posted here before long. This foot bridge was pre-1960 and in place until some time after Glen Canyon Bridge was completed.

There was (and is) a story floating around that someone drove a VW Beetle over this bridge. If you’re reading this and you can confirm or deny that story, please do. Does anyone remember this foot bridge? I wish I could find more pictures of it. I you have any that you would like to see here, contact me.

Upper foot bridge. Still frame from home videos.

I hope to get the video in the right format to post soon. Thanks for your interest in my site.


2 Replies to “The Foot Bridge”

  1. I’ll tell you a little funny story about Gene. He was pretty young when he had a disagreement with his Dad and ran away from home. In the evening, your Mom called me and said “Don’t worry about your son, he is sleeping in my bathtub.”


    1. Lol. That’s an awesome story! Thanks for telling me about it. I wonder where I was at the time. Gene and I were practically joined at the hip in those days. If you found one of us, the other one was probably close by.


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