Navajo Generating Station (NGS) Stack Implosion 12-18-20

This morning I had the opportunity to watch the implosion of the stacks at Navajo Generating Station (NGS). The plant shut down in November of 2019 and due to COVID restrictions, decommissioning has been slow. I know this power plant has no direct bearing on the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, but it has everything to do with the population of Page in terms of jobs and income. I started my career with Salt River Project at NGS in 1976 during the startup of unit 3, so I was excited to witness this event and record it for posterity’s sake. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. Having watched NGS being build, it was surreal to see it coming down. I hope you enjoy this video.

Late 1950s Aerial Tour of Page Arizona

I have a couple really cool aerial shots to share with you in this video, along with a “Then and Now” comparison.

Early 60s Aerial Tour of Page Arizona

The detail on some of these early aerial photos of Page and Glen Canyon Dam are amazing. In this one, I give you an aerial tour of the town of Page as it appeared in the early 1960s.

Glen Canyon Dam Concrete Batch Plant

With the social distancing that we’re doing, I thought I would take advantage of the down time and make a few videos for Mike’s Dam Photo Journal. The concrete batch plant at the Glen Canyon Dam was something I always wanted to go inside of, but never had an opportunity. Here’s a few narrated images of it for your visual enjoyment.

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5th Avenue Under Construction

Source: Terry Edwards

This late 50s/early 60s photo captures a view up 5th Avenue from the Elm Street intersection. The new Page Schools buildings are probably under construction at the top of 5th Avenue. The line of houses at the top of the photo are along Date Street. To the immediate left in this picture would be the original Mountain Bell building. Click to enlarge.

A Rainy Day in Paradise

Source: Terry Edwards. Undated

Based on the horizon terrain, this late 50s or early 60s photo may be a look down Gum Street from the 4th Avenue intersection. Best guess. The two houses on the left with their carports next to each other, matches what I see on Google Earth for Gum Street near 4th Avenue. Thoughts? Click on the image to enlarge.

Gunsight Butte Before Lake Powell

Photo: USBR, 1962. Source: The LeGate family. No other caption on back.

Here’s a 1962 photo of Gunsight Butte before there was a Padre Bay and a Lake Powell. For reference, Gunsight Bay will eventually be on the other side of the Butte and Last Chance Bay is behind the photographer. This view is looking southwest across the future Padre Bay. Click the image to enlarge it in a new window.