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Yours Truly. Christmas Day, 1968. This was taken at our house on the corner of Date Street and First Ave. I must have been expecting a flood. 🙂

Thanks for checking out my photo blog of the construction of Glen Canyon Dam and early Page Arizona. This site is something that I’m doing as a hobby so I don’t lose the few pictures that I have of Page in the early years. I started it on June 21, 2013. I haven’t found anything else like this on the web for documenting the early history of Page via pictures, but I don’t get out much. My family moved to Page in 1959 or 1960 from southern California and I started first grade in Mrs. Fry’s class. The high school and junior high school buildings had just been completed and the elementary school met in the old X and Y buildings. Those were on South 7th Ave (now Lake Powell BLVD), across the street from the Catholic church. You’ll see them in some of the aerial pictures that I post.

We initially lived at the airport (literally – in a trailer behind one of the hangers) because my dad was a pilot and he managed the airport when we first got there. We also lived on Cedar Street, the MCS apartments, Chapman’s trailer court (we watched The Beatles live on Ed Sullivan from here), the park ranger housing near the marina, and the on the corner of Date Street and First Ave. I’m not sure why we moved around so much. We eventually moved into the house my dad built at 25 First Avenue in my freshman or sophomore year of high school. Did I mention that we left Page for a few years and went back to southern California in 1964 or 65, returning in 1967 or 68? I was in the high school graduating class of 1973, but that’s another story for another time.

Like many others, I have a lot of memories of Page in its infancy. I watched the dam go up and the lake start to fill. I watched the population dwindle after the dam was finished and then come back when Bechtel came to town to build the power plant. My first bike, first girlfriend, first job, first bank account, first car, first home of my own, and first wife (and only wife – we’re still married) all happened there. We left Page in 1985, but have been back on a number of occasions.

I invite you to join me in this photo blog. I need more pictures – especially anything prior to 1970. if you have some that you can send me, just let me know via the Contact Me page. I’ll make sure you get full credit for anything you can let me use. If they are regular photos, I will pay postage both ways and do all the scanning.

Thanks for your interest in my blog. I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below.

Mike Adams

24 Replies to “About Me”

    1. Mike, You look familiar.
      Thanks for your efforts. A lot of us appreciate this more than you will ever know.
      Hi Myrlon, Larry O’Neill (Firestone, then Richfield Service station) Class of 63.
      Mike, the guy at the ice cream machine at school, looks like Richard Puk.

      Thanks for what you are doing. It means a lot to a very good group of “Pioneers”


      1. Hi Mike.
        Sorry just found your reply.
        We never met. I worked at the Richfield station 59-63. Summers after HS. 63-68 then Army then lived in Tempe, AZ. 70-2003.


  1. Hi Mike. I have a DVD that was made from a lot of old super 8 movie film footage with a lot of old Page stuff on it. I’m not sure if you can pull stills off of it but your more than welcome to a copy of it. Thanks for creating this blog. Fond memories of your drumming in the Casio’s garage. Stacy


    1. Stacy did you have a brother that would have graduated in 1974. Seems like I went to school with one. Trying to come up with first name and the only thing that pops into my mind is Paul. Kristy Haegen Sooter


  2. Thanks guys. It’s good to hear from both of you. Stacy, I’ll email you my address if that’s ok. I’d love to get a copy of that. Awwww yes, the infamous Ciassio garage. I forgot all about that. I kind of miss those drums.


  3. Would Love to see more pix. also……… by the way, the swimming pool picture ? The swim meet ? I’m pretty sure that is ME right in the middle of the race. ( of course I won, are you kidding ??? ) …… Patrick Stickler


  4. Hi Mike, my Brother Bill sent this site to me. We lived in Page two different times in those early years. Both my Brothers Pat, 1960 and Bill 1963. My Mother and Fathers name is Suzi and Joe Mitchell. My Father worked for the USBR. My parents live in Phoenix now. I see Kristy (Haegen) Sooter posted here. Both of us ended up in Grand Coulee later. I recognize a picture of Gene Legate in your photos. My Dad use to call him Ace. I was friends with his son Gene, or As I called him Genie. I know Shane Jones still lives there. Thank you for this blog. It brings back a lot of memories. Mike Mitchell


  5. Hi Mike Adams. I showed my husband Greg Dodds this website. He was blown away and remembers you. Said he played music with you back in the day. He’s still playing music, in 3-4 different bands at present. Has a day job too. Just last Sept he finally got a smart phone and discovered facebook. Said he’s planning on looking you up. He’s still a newbee with social media though so don’t wait up. Today he’s getting his shell put on his truck to play a gig somewheres tonight. We’ve been living in the NW now since ’83. Raised 2 kids and presently semi-empty nesters. Semi since they are in college, out of the house but not totally financially independent yet. Have really enjoyed your website and hobby documenting Page’s history. Keep it up!!!


    1. Jacque, Thanks for reaching out to me! My wife saw your email before I did and when she said your name, I said I wonder if you’re related to Greg Dodds. Wow! It’s good to hear Greg is doing well. He could play that guitar! I think he had a studio at home when we were in Page. Tell him I said hi and I think of him from time to time. I look forward to hearing from him on Facebook!


    2. Hi Jacque, my name is Stacy Woodard. I grew up in Page and knew your husband somewhat. He was a little older than me. We used to live behind the Dodds for a while. I used to sit in the alley behind their family’s house and listen to Greg practice for hours on end. (get a life right?) He was a huge inspiration. I was wondering If Greg has anyhing on YouTube. It would be really cool to listen to him play again. Please tell him hi! Thanks, SW


  6. Hi Mike, sent Donna some old pictures in 2014 for that class reunion-I will look for them and send them to you-do you need the actual picture or can I scan them and send to you?


    1. Alice, are they photos of the area during construction? Can you give me a little more info? Email is fine as long as the file size isn’t reduced. Thanks so much!


  7. Hello Mike. I just read your comments about yourself. I came across your blog when I was doing a google search to refresh my mind who my second grade teacher’s name was. I was in Miss O’Brian’s kindergarten class 1960/61 and Miss Hart’s 1rst grade class 1961/62 in those X, Y buildings. My dad worked on the dam. We lived in a trailer by the airport, I believe on “0” street. I remember visiting you in your trailer at the airport jus t a short walk behind our brown trailer. I see that the Saber twins are mentioned . We knew them well because my parents were friends with their parents. Their older sister, Doris, used to babysit me. We reconnected with them in Oroville, CA where our fathers worked on another dam.


    1. Hi Ivan. Wow, there’s a name I haven’t heard in a LONG time! Things are a little fuzzy but I remember you. Didn’t your mom drive us to school on occasion? Were we in Cub Scouts at the same time? My mom was a den mother for a time. It’s good to hear from you. How did you find my site?


  8. My dad worked on the Dam in the 50’s and early 60’s. He died and is buried there at Page.
    Wow. We got back to Page about 10 years go and we would like to get back out there next year.

    We are the O’Hara’s my Dad was Mike or James, mother was Nina. Anyone remember those names. Would be good to hear from others. After all these years. I played all over that land and down in the canyon have great memories of Page. Thanks.


    1. Jerry O’Hara, the one that replied above, is my brother. I found this website and immediately told my brothers . As Jerry said, we are the O’Hara family. Mike and Nina O’Hara with three children Mike, Jerry, and Cathy (Catherine). Mike said we lived on K Street and that he and Jerry went to Page Elementary School and played baseball and football. Mike remembers when the newspaper came to our trailer and took a picture of him and his hawk (that he was nursing back to health). Our dad passed away and we had to move to Tennessee to where our mother’s family lived. As Jerry said, our dad is buried there in Page. We have great memories of Page. Thank you for this website.


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